I'm a just-outside-of-Pittsburgh artist and stationer that finds joy in all the little things! I'm an introverted, puppy loving, small-town girl with a heart for creating and encouraging others.
photos by dawn Derbyshire photography

photos by dawn Derbyshire photography

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I am an artist because counseling and the freedom in God's grace has allowed me the ability to redirect the hard, heavy stuff into something redeeming and beautiful, and ART ALLOW ME TO CELEBRATE THAT EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Most days you'll find me bundled up under a cozy blanket at my greenish-blue antique craft table, painting flowers or lettering while enjoying a candle from Target, a lukewarm cup of coffee, and watching something on Netflix that I'm probably seeing for the tenth time (I get attached easily). Although I consider myself an artist, handletterer and stationer, my favorite title is Mrs. Carpenter. I'm slightly obsessed with my husband, Ben, and I'm not ashamed. Gifts and words of affirmation are my love languages, so if you give me a gift or tell me something nice, we'll be best friends forever! I'm an aspiring dog mom, Titanic enthusiast, and my favorite time of the year is the "-ber" months - October, November & December. If you love everything about Christmas, I'd love to discuss with you over a peppermint latte and the White Christmas soundtrack.

When it comes to the things I create, my hope is that I can offer joy and whimsy, while celebrating every tiny moment of the process. I adore working with clients to create products that celebrate their personalities and heart behind their event. I love light and bright things (especially if there are flowers involved), and It's my desire to offer a heartfelt experience through paper goods and art.